Saturday, March 21, 2020

Interactive Slide Presentation on Mammals for Reading, Writing and more!

This resource takes a child through a day reading, writing and then working with words about Mammals. 
It was created to support you as you support your students at home!!
You will be able to use this resource in Power Point with Audio, in Google Slides without Audio (unless you add your own) and in Google Classroom with Audio. Directions are given on how to use each.Visit this site for more details and suggestions.
The resource begins with a Morning Message which includes: date, weather out the window, It's a good day to _____, and I feel. There is a magic number as well to get students warmed up, settled and ready to read and write.
To begin the lesson there is a T Chart sort...Mammal/Not a Mammal. 
These are followed by three pages of informational text for students to read.
Next is a mini lesson on using informational text to gather facts and write an informational piece to share with others.
This is followed by a mini lesson on Syllables using a number of mammals.
The resource ends with students playing a card game called Top It! (Difficulty can be changed by flipping one, two or three cards and adding.)

NOTE: Each slide has audio instructions that students can listen to. These can easily be removed by clicking on the sound link if you are in PP. You can then insert your own voice and directions by using the sound microphone on the PPSlide Presentation. Be sure and save again after you have done this. What fun your class will have listening to your voice. When the slides are downloaded in Google there will be no sound. But if in Google Classroom there is a link for you to use so you will have Audio. All is explained in the packet.

Students will need a journal at home or some sort of paper for their interactive work.
They will also need supplies such as scissors, crayons, pencils and sticky notes.


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