Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln and George Washington!

Happy birthday Abe Lincoln!
This packet is filled with so many wonderful activities to integrate into your curriculum with a theme related to Abe Lincoln.
I love this piece of literature that is non fiction but filled with facts about Abe.
Your class will so enjoy the story with a surprise ending.

These packest contains graphic organizers for completing informational writing pieces and a cover to make a class book.
There is a poem and an activity focused on reading for facts.
Abe wore...
What can you infer from he stood above the crowd?
What did George do?
What can you infer about George because he admitted he cut the tree down?
And look at the delightful activities below:
What might Abe have under that tall black hat?
Who else would you carve on Mt. Rushmore?
And a penny flip...heads or tails.  Learn about the penny as well.
Quarter flip as well.
There are sorts for which is Lincoln and which is Washington.
Your class will love making words with the letters of their names as well as work plays with letters.
There is informational text for reading in three different forms and a cute craft to decorate and showcase student writing.

Happy Birthday George Washington!!


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