Wednesday, May 25, 2022

ABC's To Successful Teaching ... Behavior!

One of the toughest challenges of every teacher is to maintain classroom control and individual student behavior.  Lack of classroom and student control causes a classroom environment that is not conducive to learning and frustrating for everyone.
There a MANY suggestions on how to maintain classroom control BUT, the truth is YOU have to find what works for YOU!!
Over the years I have found these helpful hints.

When setting classroom rules I like to keep them POSITIVE and SIMPLE.
(I listen carefully while others are speaking.  NOT  I don't talk while others are speaking.)
I also found that in setting the rules keep these 2 things in mind...
Be Kind
Be Safe
Finally, before you begin any activity, before you head into the hall, before you read a story, remind the class what the rules for this activity are.
Here you see materials to support teaching your class about the meaning of the rules.
There is a letter to parents, a behavior plan for parents and others and bulletin board ideas.
    You can't be kind and safe without being respectful, responsible and cooperative.
    Again there are materials to use to share with students and help them develop and understanding of each BIG WORD.

    The minute you allow students to break rules and not "nip it in the bud" they will take advantage.

    3.  COMMUNICATE the classroom rules with students and parents.
    I send a copy of our class rules home with parents along with the consequences.
    This is so helpful and most parents are anxious to help!
    Be sure everyone knows what you expect.

    4.  Keep your class BUSY AND CHALLENGED.
    When the class is working on things they like and can do they are more than likely to follow the rules and be engaged in the activities taking place.

    Whatever system you use be sure to keep it simple.

    Try all the positive comments you can and other students will try to copy them.

    Point out kiddos who are following rules.
    Point out kiddos who have done something creative.
    Point out kiddos who have shared or done something nice for their classmates.
    The resource below narrows it down even further.
    These little positive behavior rewards can be collected.
    I LOVE them.

    Move your classroom to the POSITIVE side of behavior.

    CATCH students or your class MODELING POSITIVE behavior.

    I like the way...
    I appreciate how...
    Thank you ________ for ...
    I love sending notes home with students to share what "I caught" them doing that had a positive influence on our class.

    A no hands raised policy to answer questions keeps everyone engaged.
    Students never know who you are going to call on so they keep focused.
    I also don't hesitate to call on someone not listening.

    When students are allowed to raise hands to answer it gives many the opportunity to "check out"!
    She won't call on me.  In fact when you first try this students will say...I didn't raise my hand.
    My reply...I realize that.  I called on you.  What do you think...

    Some teachers use name sticks.  If you use this system do not take the stick out once the student has answered or you may lose their attention.  Put it right back in the container so they know they could be drawn again.

    I also like to keep ALL students actively involved in the lesson.
    If someone is going to the board to write or work a problem for you have the others complete it on white boards or in a journal.
    That way everyone is still participating.


    This Positive Behavior resource allows you to praise your class as well as individuals.
    Catch them having a great day or demonstrating positive behavior.
    For your class give them an opportunity to earn a reward at the end of each day.
    After so many rewards they earn a "fun day".
    Below you can see all the different choices and support materials that accompany them.




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