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Frogs... Froggy and Frog and Toad ... Hop on in to read more!

                       Pick up the bundle here.                                            Listen to the story here.

An old lady swallowed a FROG!!  

She certainly was a hog!!

Love this story as it provides so many extensions such as a study of frogs,  literature about frogs or author studies about favorite frog characters.  Check out all the ideas below.

I love these.
Students interact and drag items as they read to the mouth and then put the slides on presentation and reread what they created.

Your students will have so much fun interacting with the story by Lucille Colandro...There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog.  Students interact by typing or using click and drag.

Slide One to Eight:  Story, Rhyme, Click and Drag object to the Old Lady

Slide Nine:  Vocabulary...Picture/word match

Slide Ten:  Story Retell

Slide Eleven:  How to writing using support of text and vocabulary

As students retell encourage expression!

Happy Spring!

The Perfect Story for Read and Retell.

Work on expression!

Work on word work, writing, and more!!

12 Colorful Vocabulary Cards for posting

Story Sequence

Vocab Match

Story Retell...color, cut, slide

Cause and Effect

ABC Order

Center Activities


2 Game boards for partner work

Writing...narrative, informational

Enjoy Froggy and Frog and Toad while learning about their creators.

Every story is one in which students can connect to and make them giggle!!

Absolutely LOVE these adorable characters.

Crafts...froggy in a swimsuit and froggy dressed for fun

Word Work...

12 Colorful vocabulary cards for posting with pictures



Making Words (embarrassed, babysitters)

Word Sort

Word Search

Word Endings

ABC Order

-ake work

**All vocabulary can be found in the stories.

Stories Presented...

Froggy Gets Dressed...Story Elements, Sequencing

Froggy's Sister...Cut and paste sequencing, Opinion Writing

Froggy Builds a Tree House...Cut and Paste Story Recall, Narrative Writing, Character Identification

Froggy Plays Soccer/TBall...Story Recall, Opinion Writing, Data Collection. Beginning/Middle/End

Froggy Gets a Doggy... True/False, Recall

Froggy Learns to Swim...Sound Effects, Cause and Effect

Froggy's First Kiss...Summary, Sequence

Froggy Bakes a Cake...How To, Story Details

Froggy Goes to School...Begin/Middle/End, Dream


Mini book with frog facts

Life Cycle of a Frog

Paragraph writing about a Frog

Graphic Organizer

Favorite Story...

Writing pages

Graphic Organizer

Story Identification

Love these heartfelt stories.

And check out the adorable frog and toad.

Frog and Toad are a favorite of all! They may be a part of your reading program or a favorite for your beginning readers loving "chapter books". Whatever the case this packet is filled with activities related to Frog and Toad stories to enhance learning and expand bringing science into your reading lessons.

The packet contains:

3 Crafts...

Frog page topper

Toad page topper


3 Differentiated Informational Texts on Arnold Lobel with Graphic Organizers 

12 colorful vocabulary cards for posting with pictures

Word Work...

Making Words (embarrassed)




Vocabulary Match

ABC Order

Word Search

Parts of Speech

**All vocabulary comes from the stories.

Frog and Toad Together...Frog and Toad Are Friends...Frog and Toad All Year Long...Days with Frog and Toad

**For each book there is a page for identifying favorite chapter and sharing why.

Cookies: Sequencing, How To Writing, Willpower Y?N

The List: Sequencing, Making a List, Story Elements

The Letter: Recall, Writing a Letter, Mail

Button: Characteristics, Creating a Lost and Found

A Swim: Story Elements

Spring: How to Wake Up, Graphic Organizer

The Garden: Poem, Cause and Effect

The Story: Brave or Afraid identification, Opinion Writing

The Kite: Cause and Effect, Beginning, Middle, End

Tomorrow: List of jobs, Text to Self

Down the Hill: Persuasion Writing, Label and Color

The Corner: Sequencing

Ice Cream: Main Idea, Details, Authors Purpose

Leaves: How to Rake Leaves

Chart for the book Frog and Toad all Year Long...Identify Season, Share why


Mini book on Frogs and Toads (characteristics, definition of amphibious, diet, life cycle)

Life Cycle of Frog

Life Cycle of Toad

Compare and Contrast (pieces to cut for identification) Frog, Toad, 


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