Tuesday, July 14, 2020

It will take several SUPER HEROES to survive this school year!

You can bet it is going to take everyone being a SUPER HERO to survive this school year so why not a super hero theme.
Some of you may already know your "back to school" expectations and others may still be wondering if they will be preparing for distance learning, in the classroom or a little of both.
No matter what get ready with some adorable SUPER HERO class decor!
If you are in the classroom these materials are perfect to fill bulletin boards and to provide visuals.
If you are going to distance learning many of these pieces can be used to greet students in the morning and to send messages.
Let's take a peek!!

I absolutely love the pennants that can be made into a long banner.
Purple is shown here but there are multiple colors and a variety of Super Hero figures.
I use the plastic frames and put the poster Welcome Heroes in a visual spot.
And look at these name tags.
They are editable for typing student names on.
There is also a super hero page for typing your class list.

If you have tables in you classroom there are signs one to eight along with 31 numbers for student identification.
There resource also has an editable teacher binder and posters identifying each of your learning centers.

 One of my favorite bulletin boards is first day pictures of students that I pop in these colorful frames with student names. 
There is also a behavior packet with special notes to send home and a check list for "super day" or "we will work on".
 The alphabet chart and the number chart are so cute and fit perfectly with the color theme of this resource.
 There is a calendar with numbers and special dates for posting on a bulletin board.
Another of my favorite are labels to put on an analog clock.
I still love teaching my students to tell time.
 Remembering how everyone is dismissed is always a challenge.  These visuals will help.
And if you have student helpers the tags are perfect.  All you need is a little velcro.

 For distance learning I have created these!

 The morning packet begins with a student of the day.
This slide can be sent to families ahead of time to prepare and return.
You can then easily add them to your morning welcome.
 Today is...
and Out my window I see sunshine!!
 The interactive calendar is wonderful for parents to keep track of what is happening when.
You can add student birthdays, special events and assignments.

 I have prepared some suggestions for distance learning BUT you can add your own.
 Finally what is going to happen today.
A perfect checklist for students and parents.

 This packet is the digital welcome packet.
It begins with meet your classmate.
Meet your teacher as well as a little bit about the class and the school.


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