Thursday, July 30, 2020

September brings Grandparents Day! Face to Face Activities or Online!

Grandparents  are so much fun and your class will love completing these activities to share about them!  My favorite stories to share are:
How to Babysit Grandpa
How to Babysit Grandma
What Grandpas/Grandmas Do Best

 The slides begin with a delightful poem about grandparents that can bee sung to the song Frere Jacques...Are you sleeping?
Students then share 3 things they like to do with their grandparents.
Slide Two shares text about grandparents.
Students are then asked to interview one of their grandparents and write the answers to the questions they ask.  Maybe a Zoom or Face Time call?
Slide Three students prepare a slide about their grandparents.  I encourage students to find a photo to insert in the frame.
Slide Four supports writing a paragraph about their grandparents.
Slide Five has students making words with the letters in grandparents.
Goodness there are so many!!
The final slide has students dragging words into the correct parts of speech.

Listen to grandpa here.                

 Jean Reagan and Lee Wildish have done it again. 
These "how to" stories will bring a smile to all as they listen.
You love having Grandma babysit but how would YOU babysit Grandpa or a Grandma?
I love the opportunities these stories provides for text to self and text to world.
These packets contains:
Selfie with Grandpa/Grandma
Graphic Organizers
How to Babysit Grandpa/Grandma
List of things to do
Story Elements
Cause and Effect
Favorite thing to do with Grandpa/Grandma
Sensory page
Favorite parts of having a babysitter
Class Cover
Three leveled final write pages
Word Work...
ABC Order
Word Search
Parts of Speech
Making words with Babysit
Addition to 12
Subtraction to 10 
(games for partners and centers)

Celebrate Grandparents Day with this delightful packet.
It contains:
Grandparents Day:
Suggested Reading with Comprehension Activities
How to Babysit Grandma and Grandpa
What Makes Grandma and Grandpa Special
Interviews with Grandma and Grandpa
Vocabulary Cards for Posting
Vocabulary List for Writing Center
ABC Order
Word Search
Making Words...Babysitter, Grandparents
Meet My Grandparents Poster
Grandparents Are/Have/Can ...Graphic Organizer
Making a List...Grandparents Like To
Grandparents Poem for Reading
Activity to accompany Poem
Class Book Cover
Graphic Organizers...My Grandparents
Mini Interactive book on Grandparents
Mini Book with Text on Grandparents
Grandparent Day Activities:
Classroom Tour
Certificates...who traveled farthest, who has most grandchildren
Treat bag for grandparents (Hugs and Kisses)
Craft...Grandparent Hug
Enjoy celebrating Grandparents!


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