Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Beaver...Read and Write...Distance Learning!

Let's see how this works.
Download this resource to your Google Slides.
I like to put things in folders so I can find them easily.
This might go in an animal folder.
Open your Google Classroom.
Upload The Beaver

Students will open the slides.
They will begin reading about the Beaver.
I have them then use the Idea Gathering sheet to type in key details.
When they click on "type" they are able to type their thoughts.

I have students use this page to asses whether or not they are "reading for detail".

I encourage students to use this page to organize their writing.
It supports them in writing a solid paragraph.
When they are ready they will prepare their final page.

 I love having them insert and image to add to their paragraph.
They go to the Insert Image.

 Next they click SEARCH THE WEB.

When the Google Search comes up on the right hand side they type in beaver,

Select and image, insert it and size it to fit their paper.

Give it a try.
You can then put a slide show together sharing all of their reports.

This page is in the "paper pencil" version.
I would send it home or have them complete it in class.

Students can read about the beaver and then gather key facts in Google Slides!

 They are also asked to read and then write about it assessing if they are reading for details.

                                                        Students are then asked to gather their ideas for writing an organized paragraph.

Finally they will put their thoughts into writing to showcase the beaver!!
On the page with the box I have them insert an image!


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