Friday, July 31, 2020

Let's Write ... Face to Face or Distance Learning

As we return to meeting with students either face to face or distance learning having them engage in communicating and writing about their summer vacations allows for them to recall experiences making writing a little more exciting.
Two of my favorite stories to read to them are How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Arthur's Family Vacation.  With the first story for those who say I didn't do anything encourage them to write about what they would have liked to do.  Arthur's Family vacation gets students recalling their vacation and talking about families.
How many people are in Arthur's family?
What do they like to do together?
How do they feel about each other?
The final part of this resource ends with Johnny Appleseed.
With Fall approaching APPLES are everywhere!!
For some it may be their first experience writing with informational text.

Slide One has students reading some simple text about summer.
It includes pictures with labels to support those needing it.
Students are then asked to share three things they did over the summer.
Slide Two is a lesson on using the word AND to put their ideas together.
This summer I ____ and _____.
Slide Three begins with text about families.
Student then write about their families using sentence starters.
Slide Four is a lesson on punctuation.
Reading sentences about families students add the correct punctuation. (click and drag)
Slide Five provides informational text about Johnny Appleseed.
Key details are highlights.  Students are encouraged to use those to write about Johnny Appleseed.
Slide Six is a lesson on adjectives.
Students will use suggested adjectives to describe an apple.
Slide Seven is an assessment.  Students will write about two different topics.
Pictures and labels are provided to support writing.
These digital lessons are WRITE ON!!

Are you ready?
Let's Write...
This packet is designed to provide students with practice using the CCSS.
There will be new packets each month.
These packets have three levels to provide DIFFERENTIATION in your writing program!

September focuses on Narrative and Informative writing with the topics: Summer Vacation, Back to School, My Family, and Johnny Appleseed.
Literature Used:
How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Teague
Brand New Pencils Brand New Books by deGroat
Arthur's Family Vacation by Brown
Johnny Appleseed by Kellogg
The packet includes two sections.
This part includes:
Literature Suggestion
Lesson Plans
Graphic Organizers
"Sloppy Copy" page with editing
"Sloppy Copy" page
Editing Note for student and teacher editing.
This part includes:
Pages for publishing
Cover to make a class book
Skill worksheets and posters are included in each of the four lessons.
Lesson One...Summer Vacation...Punctuation
Lesson Two...Back to School...Connecting word AND
Lesson Three...My Family...Pronouns
Lesson Four...Johnny Appleseed...Adjectives
Each of these skills with enhance student writing skills.

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