Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Beach Day ...For Distance Learning or Paper Pencil

 Grab your beach towels and sunglasses...enjoy a "beach" themed day with your class.
Perfect for a behavior award or end of the year activity.
The Distance Learning Resource begins with informational text about THE BEACH.
The student activity asks students to use the text to recall information.
Next students read about what people might do at the beach.
The student activity asks students to write an narrative about what they would do if they had a day at the beach.  Sequencing is encouraged.
Descriptive words or adjectives are explored.  
What can you think of that describes sunshine or the ocean water?
Students are then asked to write an opinion piece telling how they feel about a sunny day at the beach.
They are asked to underline the adjectives used in their writing upon completion.
A graphic organizer is provided.
Writing complete sentences are stressed.
Students look at the beach item and write a complete sentence about each one.
The resource ends with a math game that focuses on combined addition and subtraction with a partner.
With this packet I have included worksheets to accompany each slide for those of you who have students who have printing capabilities.
You can use them if you choose.
The packet includes:
PDF Blackline masters
The resource includes PPSlides as well as Slides compatible with Google and Google Classroom.
The Distant Learning resources are meant to encourage lessons online. They are not editable and students cannot write on them.
Students use notebooks or paper pencil.
I have worked and worked to fix sharing the link but it continues to break down so the easiest way to get the programs:
1.Open you zip file
2.If you wish to use Google go to your Google Docs and upload the Slides.  These can then be put into Google Classroom.
3.If you are sending a Power Point presentation open the PP.
I use Google Classroom and in the note part welcome students and share what we are going to be doing today.  I include links to stories and videos about the topic.

The paper pencil resource includes the following activities listed below.
Buckets for bulletin board or hanging...student summer bucket list
16 colorful cards for posting in writing, word work, or literacy center
Word Work:
ABC Order to 2nd letter
2 Word Scrambles
2 Let's make Words
Word Search
Parts of Speech
Complete Sentences
Paragraphs...Beach, Lifeguard, Sunglasses
Data Collection for Opinion Writing
Class Book
Reading for Detail:
Mini Book for each student...Beach
Paragraph with questions...What is a beach?
Graphic Organizer...Digging for Details
Literature Suggestions:
Each comprehension activity can be used with any of the suggested stories.
Author's Purpose
Recall Details
Cause/Effect...Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell
Math Games:
4 Games with record keeping sheets
Games and Snack Ideas for your BEACH DAY!
Hello sunshine...let's celebrate! 

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