Saturday, April 25, 2020

Monthly Bundles completely updated!!

This is my absolute "go to" of all time!!
Each month has over 40 math and literacy activities with a monthly theme.
They are ideal for review, practice, centers, whole group or independent work.
All of this for $2 per month
Or get this bundle for $12.
It really is a bargain.
Below see the May activities.
Each activity shown is differentiated to meet levels of students.

My next "go to" are these monthly reading mini books.
Print, fold and read.
I have students open them back up after reading and write a main idea on the back with a picture or write what they learned.
They can highlight unfamiliar words, read with a partner, color or read and reread.
Each month(10) you will find 14 to 18 books for $2.00
Get the bundle for $12.00
Another bargain!!

My next "go to: are the word searches.
I promise your students will LOVE these.
Mine ask to do them all the time.
Each month (10) you will find 12 to 15 word searches for $1.00.
The bundle is just $8.00.
Another bargain.


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