Sunday, April 12, 2020

Butterflies ... Paper Pencil or Distance Learning

This packet is ideal for your language arts program and is embedded with a science theme. 
Students will be reading and writing using informational text as well as reporting on the life cycle of the butterfly and facts about a butterfly.
1. Informational Text on the Life Cycle
Mini Book on the life cycle
Definition Page
Cut and Paste Life Cycle
Writing about the Life Cycle...Pre write activities and pages for final copies
Vocabulary Cards for posting
Ideas for researching and reporting on the butterfly's life cycle
2. Butterfly Literature
Reading Response Pages for...
I Wish I Were A Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly by Gail Gibbons
Waiting for Wings
The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
3. Word Work
ABC Order
Making Words (butterflies, metamorphosis)
Word Search
4. Reader's Theater
A wonderful story about a little seed that goes from a tiny caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.
Pictures for making headbands for character identification
5. Crafts
I think this resource will prove useful in your classroom as it is aligned with the Common Core Standards and provides activities that support building literacy with a science theme. 

This resource is for Distance Learning.  It can be used as a PPSlide Presentation or with Google Slides which fit with Google Classroom.
The Distant Learning resources are meant to encourage lessons online. They are not editable and students cannot write on them.
Students use notebooks or paper pencil.
I have worked and worked to fix sharing the link but it continues to break down so the easiest way to get the programs:
1.Open you zip file
2.If you wish to use Google go to your Google Docs and upload the Slides.  These can then be put into Google Classroom.
3.If you are sending a Power Point presentation open the PP.
I use Google Classroom and in the note part welcome students and share what we are going to be doing today.  I include links to stories and videos about the topic.
The resource begins with comparing and contrasting important facts about a butterfly with YOU!
Did you know the butterfly tastes with the bottom of its feet?  How about you?
Next students will read about the Life Cycle of a butterfly.  They will then prepare using writing or pictures a recall of the recycle process.
Metamorphosis...what a wonderful word and what a wonderful process.  Students will work with the word by identifying syllables, vowels, consonants and making words.
Next a little fun with poetry.  Students will use the text to recall information.
What is your opinion?  Would a caterpillar make a good pet?  Students will use a suggested format to write.
The resource ends with Growing Numbers a card game played with partners.
Six slides that will provide meaningful mini lessons for your students.
Helping you help your students from afar!


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