Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bubble Day...Paper Pencil or Distance Learning

Did you know blowing bubbles is healthy for you?!!
Yep... fresh air, fun and using your lungs to BLOW!
Then watch those whimsical spheres float.
Catch them!  Watch them pop!! Experiment!
A day with bubbles is so much fun.
This resource was created for distance learning.
You may not be able to be with your students but with an adult they can enjoy the BUBBLE experience.
The resource begins with Information Text about bubbles.
Students read and then use the text to record answers about key facts shared.
Then a poem about Bubbles helps students to discover that even though you use a square wand or any other shape a bubble will be a sphere!
Students will record the main idea shared in the poetry.
What words come to mind when you think about bubbles?
Students will put those words in ABC Order.
Then Let's Write.  Use the steps involved in blowing bubbles and write about them using sequential steps.
There is a little assessment piece that students read the statement and identify if it is T or F.
Finally the resource ends with a math game to be played with a partner.
Can you POP the answer?
Fun with addition or subtraction.  You decide.

I love to share with my students in Google Classroom stories they can find online to be read aloud.
For paper pencil we have two packets for Bubble Day!
Let's discover the facts behind bubbles.
Informational Text
Graphic Organizers
Bubble Tag
Vocabulary Cards for posting
Bubble poster for students to create
Suggested Reading and response activities
Experiment Solution
Write about observations
Writing directions for blowing bubbles
Writing a paragraph about bubbles
Let's make words
Poems...adjectives, main ideas, author's point of view
Math...spin and add, roll and subtract
Your class will "blow" you away!! 

Bubbles are also the perfect end of the year gift.
Maybe these activities and a bottle of bubbles.


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