Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Popcorn Day...Paper Pencil or Distance Learning

YUM!  What fun to learn with such a fun topic as POPCORN!
Snack for the day?  YOU BET,  POPCORN!!
Informational Text:  Graphic Organizers for gathering facts, KWL, Center Work
Word Work:  Word Search, Syllables, ABC Order, Parts of Speech, Making Words, Center Work
Writing:  Vocabulary Cards for Posting, Opinion, Narrative, Informative, Final Write Pages
Math:  Data Collection, Addition Bingo
Literature Suggestions:  Comprehension activities to accompany stories

And if you are teaching from home try these Distance Learning Slides.
The Distant Learning resources are meant to encourage lessons online. They are not editable and students cannot write on them.
Students use notebooks or paper pencil.
I have worked and worked to fix sharing the link but it continues to break down so the easiest way to get the programs:
1.Open you zip file
2.If you wish to use Google go to your Google Docs and upload the Slides.  These can then be put into Google Classroom.
3.If you are sending a Power Point presentation open the PP.
I use Google Classroom and in the note part welcome students and share what we are going to be doing today.  I include links to stories and videos about the topic.
Informational Text:  recording details.
Popcorn Poetry: meaning from words, author meaning
Word Work:  Parts of Speech (using popcorn vocabularyP
Writing:  Opinion (what is the best topping for popcorn)
Math:  Guess the number I hope will POP!


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