Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Frogs and Toads ... Distance Learning and Literature

This resource was created for You as you support Your students from home.
The resource includes PPSlides as well as Slides compatible with Google and Google Classroom.
Students will begin by reading informational text about frogs and toads.
They will complete a compare and contrast page using a graphic organizer.
Next students will see two charts sharing the life cycle of a frog and a toad.
The first activity has them making a flip chart sharing the life cycle of a frog with pictures and writing.
The second activity has students finding a difference in their life cycles.
They will then write about if they would rather be a frog or a toad.
Poetry is also included in this resource.
Students are asked to find information about the frog and toad using the text in the poems.
Arnold Lobel is the author of the Frog and Toad storybooks.
Your class will read all about him and then make a poster sharing facts about Arnold Lobel.
The next slides has students learning a little bit about Frog and Toad characters and how they are FRIENDS.
Students will then prepare a paragraph about friendship using the organizer provided.
The resource ends with a math activity...Let's Hop which encourages skip counting.
Reading, Writing, Word Work and Math all in on slide presentation.
The Distant Learning resources are meant to encourage lessons online. They are not editable and students cannot write on them.
Students use notebooks or paper pencil.
I have worked and worked to fix sharing the link but it continues to break down so the easiest way to get the programs:
1.Open you zip file
2.If you wish to use Google go to your Google Docs and upload the Slides.  These can then be put into Google Classroom.
3.If you are sending a Power Point presentation open the PP.
I use Google Classroom and in the note part welcome students and share what we are going to be doing today.  I include links to stories and videos about the topic.

If you love Frog and Toad you will really appreciate this resource.
It has an activity for all for the stories in the Frog and Toad series as well as information on Arnold Lobel.  There are also two adorable frog and toad crafts and it ends with informational text on frogs and toads.


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