Saturday, April 4, 2020

Chicks and Bunnies ... Using informational text for distance learning!

This is the ideal resource to share with your students with either Power Point or Slides. There is also a link in the resource for Google Classroom.
The Distant Learning resources are meant to encourage lessons online. They are not editable and students cannot write on them.
Students use notebooks or paper pencil.
I have worked and worked to fix sharing the link but it continues to break down so the easiest way to get the programs:
1.Open you zip file
2.If you wish to use Google go to your Google Docs and upload the Slides.  These can then be put into Google Classroom.
3.If you are sending a Power Point presentation open the PP.
I use Google Classroom and in the note part welcome students and share what we are going to be doing today.  I include links to stories and videos about the topic.
See details here.
The resource includes:
Informational text about Rabbits and Chicks
Assignment for using text to complete are, have, can statements.
Writing Life Cycle Sequence
Assignment using pictures to write a sequence for life cycle (first, next, then...)
Using text to write definitions related to bunnies and chicks
I feel these slides about Bunnies and Chicks will be the perfect springboard to excite your class about a day of reading, writing, creating and practicing math. 

If you are still into paper or sending PDF's to your class this is ideal.


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