Thursday, April 23, 2020

Friendship Day ... Paper Pencil or Distance Learning!

This was designed to help YOU connect with YOUR students from afar.
This resource contains PP Slides as well as a Slide set compatible with Google and Google Classroom.
You cannot edit them and students cannot write on them BUT they are perfect for engaging students in reading, writing, word work and math with a friendship theme!
The resource begins with a definition of a friend and what friends enjoy.
Students respond with what they feel a friend is and what they enjoy doing with a friend.
Next there is an adorable poem about friendship.
It is followed by students making as many words as they can using the letters in friendship.
Can you imagine a day with a friend that you planned?
Students are asked to tell about this day using narrative writing.
And finally Phone A Friend.
Give a friend a call.
Ask them three questions.
Write how they answered.
What fun!!
Math is also included using a partner game focusing on Odd/Even.

 If you like these you will also love this resource on friendship.
It is perfect for this time of the year.
Ff is for Friendship and what better time to talk about friends then at the end of the year!
The resource includes:
Friends made this school year.
Qualities of a friend.
Friendship Snack
Find a Friend
Friend Interview
Writing about a friend.
Word Work: Word Search, Making Words, Syllables

Along with all the cooperative learning and communication that takes place in today's classroom it is important that the students feel comfortable with one another and have an appreciation for each others interests and strengths. 
A "friendship day" is the perfect way to enhance a working community atmosphere in your classroom. 
This packet includes:
Friendship Hug Craft (writing and page topper)
Taking Notes...four ways to make a friend
George and Martha Friendship Recall
Frog and Toad...Friendship
An interview with a friend
Four writing activities about a friend
Making words from friendship/together
Word Search
Two friend posters
Two partner building activity
Planning the perfect day with a friend
Find a friend who...
A "getting" to know more about our friends...I would rather
Note for a friendship snack
Characteristics of Friends
Enjoy the day with the friends you have made! Michele

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